Monday, April 21, 2014

A Day to Remember

Yesterday we had our friends the Klines over for Easter Dinner.  We talked about who's house we should have dinner at....  The Klines?  They host a lot, Sarah is an excellent chef, hostess and friend.  Or our house?  I can cook. I like to entertain, albeit in a much more casual manner since the time line is usually free form.  The biggest reason I wanted to host was because the weather was going to be nice and I wanted the kids to be able to play in the park.  I know the days of the kids playing in the park all together are limited and I want to have as many of those days as I can squeeze in.

The Klines came over at 4 and by 4:15 the kids were all across the street.  The adults moved to the front deck to chat and take in the day.  To my great joy, the kids did exactly what I had hoped.  They played at the park.  All 5 of our kids and about 7-8 more neighborhood kids joined in.  They ranged in age from 8 to 13 and all played so nicely for almost 4 hours.  They played lots of games but the big one was "The Hunger Games."  They all had Nerf guns and ran around chasing, shooting, screaming and laughing.  When they play "Hunger Games" no one dies for more than 10 seconds and they all have a great time.  It was very sweet and they were all worn out.

I can't begin to tell you what a joy our home is.  I love our location.  I love our front deck.  I love being right next to the park.  I love our neighborhood.  I love that our friends come over and share happy times with us.  Individually, each of these things is great but all together, it can't be beat.  It gives me such joy.  Truly the little things are the big things and I wouldn't trade my experience of my existence with anyone.

Yesterday's goings on weren't anything out of the norm and that is what makes it even better.  I get to live like this a lot and it doesn't get any less special any time.  I want to hold these days in my heart and treasure them forever.  I know my kids will grow and go and there will be different joys but for right now I am loving my happy days right here in my 'hood.