Sunday, April 21, 2013

Submarine Mom

I have been pondering helicopter parents.  It's so not my style.  They are in on everything.  They manage their kids' lives.  I guess that's all fine but I want my kids to learn how to manage their own lives.  I got to thinking of the analysis and have determined that I am a Submarine Mom.  I am there, just under the surface.  I have my periscope up and I am paying attention.  If someone messes with my kid or if my kid misbehaves I can shoot out a torpedo.  Do not mistake my different parenting for not caring.  I care very, very much.  I remember bringing Sophia home from the hospital and thinking, "I only have 18 years to teach this little person everything she'll need to know to survive on her own.

My kids are more free range than most.  They have a fair amount of freedom.  We live across the street from the park and, from a a young age, my kids have had the freedom to go over there.  At first all three had to stick together.  If one kid was uncomfortable or wanted to go home, all three had to stick together and go together.  Now they can go alone if they are going to the school or to meet a buddy.  Almost any time they go to the Hollyrood School there is someone there to play with.  I love it.  I can see them and they come running the instant that I whistle for them.

Yes, I am a Submarine Mom so watch out.  Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I can't see you. And, I will defend my little people with the most ferocity available to me.  Periscope up.... I am ready

A Little Thorn by My Side

Today I had the pleasure of taking my daughter to the Portland Thorns soccer game.  It was their first game EVER and they won.  What a great time.

Before the game, one of the players sang the National Anthem.  She was better than almost any other singer I have heard at a game.  There were fireworks and I have to admit, tears. I get choked up every time I hear the National Anthem.  It was truly thrilling to see 16,000+ fans all shouting and on their feet to support a professional women's soccer team and the Thorns Army was "on"for the entire game.  I explained to Sophia that when I was a young girl there was nothing like this.  Women didn't play team sports professionally.  The only sports that women did professionally were tennis and some skiing.  If you can't see it, it's hard to be it.

I was talking to the woman next to me who was a little older than I am.  I told her what I conveyed to Sophia.  She said, "They'll never know what it was like not to have these professional teams."  I said, "Like we didn't know what it was like to fight for the vote." and she agreed.   Every generation has it's fights as we learn what is right.  I am grateful that Sophia gets to see women in professional sports receiving big applause from their fans, men and women, respecting their abilities.  It is encouraging.

We cheered, and were thrilled to see 2 Thorn goals to the Reign's 1.  It was their home opener, and first professional win in front of a record breaking crowd.  Way to go Portland, way to go Thorns, here we go WOMEN!