Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kees Over Heard At My House

Kees was so excited to see the Smorshmallows in our camping basket from the preschool auction. He, of course, was referring to the marshmallows in the Camping Basket. I guess Smorshmallows comes from the fact that we make Smores with them. Do they have another purpose?

Kees had hiccups today. He told me that he had hick coughs inside of his body.

He also has been talking a lot about toots (farts) and I have been asking him to knock it off. He kept saying, "R toodie too" I thought he was just being difficult. He was trying to say, "R2D2" I didn't even know he knew who that was.

When the boys were taking the controllers out for the Xbox Kees was trying to untangle the wires. He got frustrated and said, "Argh, these are all rectangled."

Tootie Toot Toot Tootie

At our house farts are called toots. And when you have 2 boys aged 5 and 3, toots are hilarious. There is never an inappropriate time for laughing about toots, talking about toots or actually tooting. Just saying, "toot" can bring them to their knees. And to toot at the dinner table in front of everyone, well that is like the trifecta of tooting.

We have been trying to discourage "toot" talk. It gets old fast and is annoying for those of us with out the sophisticated mind of a 3 to 5 year old. Kees has taken to answering Coulter by saying, "OK Toadie." That is his version of tootie. He is also fond of saying, "Toadie, toot, toot" just to be annoying to the rest of us. Coulter knows better then to say these things directly to me.

Today Kees kept saying, "R Toadie, too." And I kept telling him to stop it. He got really upset and said it again, "R Toadie, too." I again said, Kees, knock it off. And he said, "No iths a woebot." (It's a robot) Then Coulter tells me that, "Yeah, it's a robot from Star Wars." He had been trying to say, "R2D2" and it kept coming out, "R Toadie, too" so I was getting frustrated thinking he was just being insolent. It made me laugh. I appologised for not understanding. The funny part is that Coulter only heard him say "R2D2" and didn't understand why I didn't understand. Thank goodness Kees has an interpreter. There are times I don't understand at all.

If you have (or have had) young boys I know you probably understand the toot talk. If not you just have to take my word for it. I am sure my boys would be more then happy to toot talk with you any time and show you all the ins and outs of this sophisticated humor.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where Did She Get That?

Bob got a new XBox game. He likes crashing cars, trucks and motorcycles so that is what the kids get to play. I wasn't so wild about bodies flying through the air and then crashing to a brutal death but the kids think it is all hilarious.

Two days ago Bob and Coulter were racing around. I am not even sure if it's a game or if it's just an open course but they were having a great time. Bob crashed hard, his guy went flying through the air, hit a tree and then landed on the ground in what would have been a horrible death had it been real. The kids all burst into laughter. I mean total hysterics...."Daddy crashed!" ha ha ha ha and then Sophia yells, "He's taking a dirt nap!" OK now I start cracking up. Dirt nap...that is really really funny. I am not sure where she heard that but it is one of my faves.

In all honesty, she probably got it from me. And I got it from my dad. This is going off on a tangent but hey, it's my blog. When I was in high school I worked in my dad's office after school. Those who worked in his office might have called it something else but I thought is was work. There were a few patients that my dad introduced me to. I would always try and be polite and chat a bit with them.

One time my dad called me in to an exam room. There was an OLD lady in a wheelchair. He said, "Heather, this is and so. Mrs. so and so this is Heather." and then he left the room. I, trying to be polite, asked her a couple questions and then stood there. She didn't move. She just sat there starring at the floor. After a few minutes I said, "It was nice to meet you. Have a nice day." and I walked out. My dad was in the hall laughing his head off. This lady was physically alive but had no idea what was going on AT ALL. Funny dad.

There were always a few patients that I liked. One time there was a man that I liked. I came across his file and asked where he had been, I hadn't seen him in a long time. Someone said he was, and then she said something I didn't understand. I asked my dad what that meant and then he let out a string of synonyms. "He kicked the bucket. Took a one way ticket to Chicago. Put on the wooden Kimono (that's my favorite). Was 86'd. He's taking a dirt nap. He's deep 6'd. He passed over." and so on. He really had some good ones. I guess when your specialty has so many really sick people you need to separate a bit. Don't get my wrong. He wasn't speaking about this guy I liked he was just spilling out these terms and being funny. He has always cared a great deal for his patients. Especially the ones that were actively involved in their recovery.

But I digress.... So that must be where she got it. It's funny what your kids pick up. I don't remember telling her that but I must have because she didn't make it up. Be careful what you tell your kids....even in passing.

Puzzled...Not Really

Yesterday I went to a birthday party with my youngest son Kees. It is the first time that he has been to a birthday party that was for him. Usually he is the tag along brother. He was nervous and excited. The parents did something that I have tried to do with my kids. They had a gift exchange. The instructions were to bring a puzzle and then take one out of the pile to take home. Kees and I had stopped at a fancy little toy shop to pick out a nice puzzle for someone his age. He enjoyed doing that and was involved in the process of picking one out. We brought a gift bag so that part was easy.

We arrived at the fancy athletic club near downtown Portland and were instructed to head upstairs and to the back of the gym. We dropped our gift on the puzzle table and went to play. There was a bouncy castle. That was a big hit for Kees. Then they had the kids line up to play, of all things, dodge ball. Kees hid behind me. I don't blame him for that. These kids are 3 and 4 for goodness sakes. They may need to rethink that one.

Then the kids were instructed to take a place at the table. I told Kees, "It's time for cake." He, all excited, goes and finds his place. They then bring out, cold pizza. Kees starts crying. I sit down and put him on my lap and assure him that cake will be soon. I am not sure when but it will be soon. (I HOPE!) Ahhhh, cake, it is time. Kees was so excited, this is the moment he had been waiting for. Next a pinata. It was a pull the ribbon kind, I like those. Kees got his fair share and thought that was fun. Next it was time to pick a puzzle.

The kids all waited in line. Kees kept getting out of line so he was last. By the time he got to the front of the line there were 2 puzzles left. A small one in a party bag (the bag that was given to the kids as a party favor) and a big beautiful wooden one of the United States. He picked the bag or someone handed it to him I really don't know. The puzzle was a Clifford the Big Red Dog cardboard puzzle. It was a well used, cardboard, 25 piece puzzle that the box had been taped together. I wouldn't have paid more then $0.25 for it at a yard sale. And who ever brought it didn't even wrap it of put it in a gift bag. They put it in their kids party favor bag. I was totally miffed. When I say miffed I really mean @*%# irritated. This is not the first time this has happened. Last year I took Coulter to a party where they did a book exchange. We got a beautiful, hard bound NEW book to give and Coulter got a used Berenstain Bears paperback book to take home. What the hell?

PEOPLE!!!!! Just because your name isn't on it doesn't mean you can be excessively cheap! This is not the fault of the people who threw the party it is the fault of the idiot that was so cheap they went into their play room and grabbed the first puzzle they saw. Or maybe I am the idiot for thinking that doing the right thing is doing....well, the right thing.

So here is a piece of advice for anyone who is throwing a party and wants to do a gift exchange. On the invitation put exactly what is to be brought. "A new puzzle between $15 and $20 wrapped for exchange." Because if you don't tell people exactly what to do they may take the easy or cheap way out.

I thought I wasn't frustrated about it any longer but I guess I still am. I'll get over it but it may take a while.

Monday, February 2, 2009

I Saw Spring's Head!!!

That title sounds like something that my kids would say but in this case, it's mine. Mondays are my day. All 3 kids are in school all day. This gives me about 5 hours to myself. It's amazing how little you can get done in 5 hours.

I got home from drop off at 9:20. I made myself some breakfast, answered a few emails and before I knew it it was 10:30. Why is this time going so fast when other days are an eternity? Get up, load the dishwasher and take the dog for a long walk.

The dog walk is really for me. My current excercise is to run up between 4 and 6 sets of stairs (at about 100 steps apiece) and walk down the Alameda ridge. It's exhausing but a really good work out. Unfortunatly for me, it isn't as exhausting for my dog. She still required a long ball toss session immediately following out walk.

While I was on our walk I saw Spring's head. I have been seeing signs of spring. The daffs are starting to show their greens, crocus are showing their's too but until to day no flowers. I SAW A FLOWER, A SPRING FLOWER!!!!! I am a total sucker for Spring's boastful showing of her colors. For me every year it is a total miracle. I swear it comes sooner each year and I don't mean from global warming. It's probably that I am really looking for it now.

I remember one Spring when I was about 23. I lived in Houston. Contrary to common belief, it gets really cold there in the winter. One day in late Spring I was driving to work and I noticed Spring. It was the strangest thing. I had missed the whole thing. Like when you drive somewhere and when you arrive you don't remember how you got there, you were just on auto pilot. I couldn't believe I had missed it, the whole thing. How could that happen? How could I be so rapt in my life that the miracle of Spring had gone unnoticed? I sat silent, stunned and promised myself that I would never let that happen again. When life is giving you gifts left and right you can not just igore them. It's not right. I have never missed Spring again, never will.

So today, February 2, 2009 I saw Spring's head and I was thrilled. All the life and death, young and old cliches came to mind but today I pushed them aside and just appreciated the coming of Spring. I know it's just a tease and that it could even snow again but today it made my heart sing.

After discovering Spring for the 43rd time today. I finished up a few things around the house and then picked up the kids. I didn't do much really but in the big scheme of things it was an amazing day.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Stuff on Saturday

When I went to bed on Friday night I thought that Saturday would be fairly quiet. I hadn't checked my calendar or thought about the commitments that I had obligated us to .

We had a nice dinner with our friends the Stewarts on Friday. When they were leaving Julie said, "Why don't you join us for a movie in the morning." This might sound strange to some but what you may not know is the Stewarts own a movie theater. The Academy Theater to be exact. If you haven't already, you should check it out. I said we'd think about it. When I woke up it actually sounded like a better idea then the night before. "Bob, let's get the kids dressed and go to the theater!" He didn't want to go, he's been tired and is a bit under the weather. He helped me get the kids together because a few hours of quiet time sounded GREAT.

The kids and I had a great time. They all saw Bolt and the adults all watched Valkyrie. Julie was disappointed in Valkyrie. I thought is was pretty good. I don't get out much to see movies and I didn't expect much. It was an amazing story and all true! So we all had fun for sure. We'll have to do that again.

As the movies were over we had to go because they were opening the theater for paying guests and 8 kids running around isn't what most paying guests are looking for. As we were headed home my PDA went off alerting me that Coulter had a birthday party to go to. And then I got a call from my friend Rebecca that her husband Gregg was indeed going to Manselle's Music Shop and did we still want to go along. Sophia got a gift certificate for a fiddle for Christmas. AND... then my PDA went off because Sophia had basketball at 4:45. Ahhh...busyness.

As soon as I got home I filled Bob in on the plans. He was feeling better and was ready to get on with the day. Sophia and I went to get the fiddle with Gregg. Bob was tasked with getting a gift for Coulter's buddy. I was glad Gregg was with us because the shop is in some guys back yard. We picked up a violin or in Fia's case a fiddle and headed home. She's been practicing ever since we got home. Very cute. Though she is frustrated that she doesn't sound like the guys on the radio. This could be a long road with her. I am not sure how to get through to her that it's going to take a lot of practice. Not just a day...potentially years.

Between all the daily stuff Kees and Coulter collaborated on building a car structure. They worked as a team and one would call out directions and the other would build. They used the picture on the box as their directions and copied the picture EXACTLY. You should have seen their faces when they came to tell us..."Look what we did!"

I took the boys to the birthday party, Bob coached Sophia's basketball team and she played. In the evening we all convened back at the house. We watched a movie with the kids and had pizza. (I am really sick of pizza) All in all it was a great day. We were doing a lot but it all moved along at a nice pace and never felt crazy. I enjoyed my family and was glad to have a busy and productive day with them. Let's hope our week has the same calm feeling.