Sunday, March 22, 2015

Working Woman

I contemplated going back to work for a while.  In late January I thought, “I should start looking for a job.”  Be careful what you put out into the universe!  About two days later my friend Gary Boyer posted that he was looking for an assistant.  He is a very successful mortgage broker.  I PM’d him and said I was looking.  A day later we had lunch, four days later I met with his assistants and within a week or so I was at a desk. 

Talk about fast!  Whew… 

I have learned a few things in my life. 

#1 - If you focus on what you want most of the time something comes along.  It is important to be specific in your focus. 

#2 – Don’t over think things.  If I sat down and really pondered what I was about to do I am not sure I would have done it.  This isn’t a bad thing it’s just important not to over think. Often times you can talk yourself out of a great opportunity.  Now that I am doing what I am doing I am glad I’m there and I am glad I didn’t over think it.

#3 – It’s important to take care of yourself.  While I have greatly enjoyed my (almost 15 years) time away from work I find that I am enjoying being productive and part of a team.  I am not making a fortune but I am learning something new, contributing to people’s dreams of buying a home, helping Gary’s Team move forward and hopefully providing some much needed relief to those that were already in the office. 

#4 – I like being there.

#5 – There is an adjustment period. My family has had some growing pains. I will write another post about specific incidents.  For a short while I thought, “What have I done?”  But I know my kids are capable and ready for this, they just don’t know it yet.  Their immediate reaction was, “The cat is away!” and that isn’t what Bob and I are looking for. 

So we are all learning at this point.  The adjustment period has been rough a few times.  BUT… and that is a big but, it isn’t about the kids, it’s about me and I am enjoying myself so they are going to have to adjust and grow too.  Ultimately, I guess it is about the kids.  I saw college coming and I am not willing to amend my lifestyle so I needed to figure out how to help pay for it.  A job was the answer.  But it has ended up meaning more to me.  I didn’t realize that it would make me feel needed and wanted.  Make me part of a team.  Let me use my brain for more than the day to day stuff I was working on.  The PTA was a lot of work (sometimes full time) but it was very thankless.  This feels rewarding, more each day

Bob and I are working with the kids, setting expectations and holding them accountable for being participants in this family.  We (Bob and I) can’t do it all.  They MUST help.  Gary has been understanding and has even given me flexibility to come in a bit later to make sure the kids get off to school on time.  It has meant a great deal to me to have a boss like Gary who knows the importance of family.  He works exceedingly hard but he knows, when family calls, it take first priority. 

Ah…the learning curve.  I am used to being highly efficient and handling lots of volume.  I know this is new to me and that I will get faster but man, it is frustrating not to be able to rip through everything.  Thank goodness the people that are training me are patient (to a fault).  I will get there but in the mean time it’s hard.  When I have a question and can’t figure something out I take my stack of papers and go ask where to find info or how to get it.  They take two seconds and bang it out.  I just spent 15 minutes looking for the answer!  I keep telling myself, “I’m learning.” but still, it’s frustrating. 

In the end I will get it.  I know I will pick up speed, learn the ropes, help the team and ultimately will be successful.  And so will my family. I believe it’s important for my kids to see me working.  They know I was in hotel management but they have never seen me work.  They also need to learn that my absence isn’t license for them to mess around but to rise to the occasion.  That this is important to me and they need to support me just as I have supported them their entire lives. The kids need to step up and grow.  They have all the skills, I know because Bob and I taught them, and now it’s time to implement those skills.  It’s my time.  

We will all be better for this in the end I hope we can all survive the learning curve!  I am in this for the long haul and I plan on being very successful. 

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OkayKline MC said...

I'm proud of you!

This is a great step for both greater financial stability and personal professional development, and it's high time you carved out the time for yourself. Heaven only knows you've given to your family and community for so long and whole-heartedly.

Gary and company are lucky to have you and in no time I am sure that whatever hiccups you are experiencing on home front will disappear. Like you said, your family will rise to the occasion and you'll all be better for it.

Now go rule the world!